Xanderrific Dark Chocolate with Honey
Antebellum Chocolate – Graniteville, S.C
May 3rd, 2016

Xanderrific Dark Chocolate


This candy bar is sweetened with honey, which is swirled into rich, dark chocolate creating a delectable treat. Antebellum Chocolate Company has partnered with the Golden Harvest Food Bank’s BackPack Program with the purpose of feeding local children. So far, the company has provided 3,600 meals to children in need.

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Consumers turn to chocolate for emotional comfort May 3rd, 2016


Had a bad day? Grab a chocolate bar. Recent studies have shown that there are emotional benefits to eating chocolate.

“While chocolate confectionery may be considered to be a guilty pleasure, it is also a food that is strongly tied to emotional needs,” Marcia Mogelonsky, Director of Insight at Mintel, said to Candy Industry. “This is likely the reason that consumers allow themselves to indulge in chocolate.”

So why are people consuming so much chocolate? About 17% of Americans say appeasing their emotional distress is more important than the health concerns that come with ingesting large amounts of chocolate. 26% of people who buy chocolate say they are buying it to “improve their mood” while 20% use it as an energy boost.

Improving energy is just one of many reasons why confectioners should use honey when creating new confections. Honey adds sweetness to products, not to mention it is extremely versatile. Honey comes in three forms: liquid, dried and creamed. This allows confectioners to drizzle honey on chocolate, use it as a coating or in a filling. And, with more than 300 varieties in the United States alone, there are endless flavor possibilities to create truly unique and exciting products.

Some confectioners, like Bees & Beans in Portland, Ore., use honey in each product, making each batch of chocolate a sweet treat that can’t be beat. Their Honey Bar Reserve is the winner of the 2016 Good Food Award and is made with honey, organic dairy, single-origin amano chocolate, sea salt, honey caramel and hazelnut nougat.

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Why are there so many varieties of honey? April 17th, 2016

Varities of Honey

In the United States alone, there are more than 300 varieties of honey. Clover, buckwheat, tupelo and basswood are among the most popular flavors, but there are countless more to choose from.

Why is there such a wide variety of flavors? The answer isn’t as simple as you think. The flavor of honey comes from where the bees gather nectar. Different flowers produce different nectar, resulting in honey with different tastes, aromas and experiences.

All honey starts off as nectar, which is gathered by honeybees and stored in a special stomach. After filling their stomach, bees return to the hive and exchange the nectar with hundreds of other bees, breaking down the nectar into fructose and glucose. From there, the bees deposit it into a comb, fan it until there is only about 17% moisture left, and seal it away with a wax cap for storage.

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